Austin Meyer, through the Ava Lane Meyer foundation, is giving away three electric school buses and chargers to schools in South Carolina.

As well, Daimler is adding a fourth bus to the give-away.

If you are a teacher, student, or classroom in public school South Carolina that would like to have a free electric school bus and charger for your school, then send us an essay indicating why you would like to have an electric school bus, and how many miles you would use the bus each day. Include daily routes, field trips, and any other use cases you have in mind. Also mention what kind of bus you have now that you would replace with the electric school bus. (The older and more polluting the bus, the more critical it is to move it out of service!) Based on the essays and use-cases for each school, we’ll pick four schools, each to get a free bus and charger. This will reduce noise, pollution, and health damage from particulate matter emitted by fossil-fuel burning vehicles… and show the state of South Carolina that ALL of our buses can be electric in the near future, for the health and well-being of all of our students. (We may place winning essays on this site!)

Send entries to:

The Ava Lane Meyer Foundation

5001 Radcliffe Road

Columbia, SC, 29206

Entries can be short or long, fun or technical, and done by any age group that rides the bus! Artistic students please include drawings.. those are always fun for a presentation! We may show those essays and drawings when we choose the winner!

Get your entry in by December 31, 2021.

We’ll select four school districts, each to get a free electric bus and charger. The buses we are giving will be the new, state of the art, 135-mile range, Proterra drive-train-equipped, Thomas Saf-T-Liner C2 “Jouley” electric school buses. We will announce the winners as the buses come off the production line for delivery,  currently scheduled for Q1 2022.

See the Thomas brochure HERE and Proterra brochure HERE.

Click here for a page that outlines many of the reasons that I, Austin Meyer, believe that this particular project is important.